- Custom Garden Plan -


New Gardens

We offer one hour consulting at the garden site to determine where your garden should be located and what you'd like to grow. This information is used to create an individually tailored garden plan with planting diagrams, succession planting guides, spacing requirements, raised bed blueprints, trellising ideas, recommended soil mixes and much more. Includes unlimited phone and text support while you build, fill, and plant your beds. 


$40 (base fee) + $1.50/garden sqft

Ex: 3.5' by 8' bed = 28sqft

$40 + $1.50(28sqft) =$82.00


Established Gardens

If you already have an established garden and need help planning what to plant, when to plant it, and how to manage succession crops we've got your back. We'll provide planting diagrams, succession planting guides, trellising ideas and more. 

 $1.00/garden sqft

Ex: 3.5' by 8' bed = 28sqft

$1.00 (28sqft) =$28.00